7107 International Music Festival 2014 – Buy tickets online!

So what is 7107? 7107 IMF (the number of islands in the Philippines) is the first international music festival that will be held in the Philippines. It is similar to music festivals held in the United States like Lollapalooza. Their aim is to create a unique lineup of music artists from different avenues both international… Read More »

Must watch movie sequels in 2014

While I was away, I’ve been scouting and asking film geeks for upcoming movies to watch this 2014. I curated a long list and trimmed it down to movies with installments. The Hobbit – There and Back Again After the Desolation of Smaug, our heroes are now back on their journey to Smaug’s lair. Can… Read More »

Alesana premiere new song – Fatima Rusalka

Part of Alesana’s trilogy storyline, the post-hardcore band from Raleigh, North California just premiered their new song entitle Fatima Rusalka. The song which will be available in iTunes this December 24 is now availabe via Revival Records’ own Youtube channel. I guess they are planning to remove it some time later since the video is… Read More »