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Like and share this photo to save this poor..

Maybe some of you have seen those pictures circulating in Facebook that says each like will be equivalent to 1 dollar.

Oh wow, whatever photo it is. It is count as sick trending hoax. Like many types of viral rumors that circulates in Facebook, this kind of hoax traces back to the ye-old-days of email, where numerous rumors circulated and money would be donated for a lifesaving operation..Come to think of it, why would Facebook donate 1$ for each like? Why would they spend a penny? If they’ll be donating a cent, they must have already used their system to make some sort of announcement right?

I feel sad for IT students that would fall for this. It’s obvious that it technically a SPAM.

Anyway, just a reminder. Every time you like or share a photos,

Domo-kun kills a kitten.



5 Things Not To Do To Your Bestfriend

A best friend is the most important things that you can have.

Even on the deepest shit happened in your life. They’re there to comfort you. To listen to your stupidest rant.

Don’t you ever fucked up with your friend because you can’t imagine what it would be like if you really do something unforgivable on the society.

This are the 5 Things Not To Do To Your Bestfriend

1. Fall in-love

for Christ sake, don’t you ever try. This will mess your friendship big time. I mean come on, I know you love being with her/him company. But don’t you dare fall in-love. Your relationship might work but once you screw up, there is no going back.

2.  Insensitive

Don’t be insensitive! You must know when and what kind of joke to do. Don’t be a jerk. Always try to feel if she/he have a problem.  Try to comfort him/her once in awhile.

3.  Take advantage of their Generosity

Of course, sometimes your best friend wouldn’t mind it at all. Lending you things such as clothes, flash drive, etc. Letting him/her buy you something. Because you may never know that your best friend may get tired of it after awhile.

4. Take it for granted

When your best friend have done a great job, acknowledge him/her. Sometimes we need to feel that we are important once in awhile.

Hug him/her to show that you are thankful for having him/her as your best friend :)

5. Secrets

Last but not the least. When your best friend share some secret. He/She expects you to keep it. Once you screw up with this, you can now go die in a hole.


Now you can go and hug your best friend once in a while. Tell them that he/she is important and love. They deserve your affection for staying with you for a years. Always remember the 5 Things Not To Do To Your Bestfriend if you don’t want to messed up. :)

Coca Cola’s Concert ng Bayan – Get your free tickets now!

Coca Cola’s Concert ng Bayan

Coca Cola’s Concert ng Bayan will be held this Friday night(March 23, 2012) at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. It is for the celebration of Coca Cola’s 100th anniversary. All thanks to the President of Happiness, Caloy. Coca Cola’s Concert ng Bayan is his third project. The first two is Free Coke day and Milyun-milyong pasasalamat kay mommy promo.

The bands are gathered through an online survey. These are all requested by fans. I am expecting awesome artists jamming together! :D

Acts will be..

  • Parokya ni Edgar
  • Gloc 9
  • Sandwich
  • 6Cyclemind
  • Sponge Cola
  • Chicosci
  • Callalily
  • Ebe Dancel
  • Rico Blanco
  • Never the Strangers
  • Itchyworms
  • Wolfgang
  • Pupil
  • Gary V
  • Sarah Geronimo
  • Somedaydream and many more!

I have been looking for the ticket price right now and all I found was tips on getting free tickets. Yup, read it right. It is free!  Here’s a few.

Upsize your Coke at Jollibee, Chowking, Mang Inasal and McDonalds (SM MOA only).

You can also buy 4 bottles of COke 500mL with a single receipt at 7-Eleven (SM MOA only).

You can also check out Caloy’s twitter and facebook for free tickets!

Also, I think MYX Philippines is giving away tickets. Check out their site.

If you know any other ways on how to get a free ticket, post a comment down below. See you there!